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“Innovative Tuesday” is a networking format between the local economy, researchers and students in the field of innovation. On a Tuesday evening a month we welcome all those interested in innovation and innovation management at the INC Invention Center at the RWTH Aachen Campus. We are looking for exciting discussions with speakers from business and science as well as other participants from the region of Aachen on various aspects of the topic of technology and innovation management. All events will be held in English to promote the exchange even beyond the national border and involve the students of RWTH Business School.

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Six formerly independent research groups at RWTH Aachen University joined forces establishing the TIME Research Area.


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INC Invention Center
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A Tuesday evening a month
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September 27, 2022

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Gitis
Safion GmbH

Why we search for the fly in the ointment – innovation journey in the battery industry

The secret dream of each scientist is to contribute something that outlast one’s own existence. It could be a scientific discovery or in our case it was an invention which begged for being hammered into the battery industry. The talk showcases Safion’s journey in the economic tides. We exhibit how scientific research successfully can be turned into innovative products and what are the biggest challenges in transforming academic mindsets into the state of mind of creative destruction.

Upcoming Events

October 18, 2022

Prof. Dr. Svenja Falk
Managing Director
& Dr. Karin Walczyk
Global Chemicals Research Lead
Accenture Research

Technology at the core of innovation?
Already in 2013 Accenture’s Technology Vision stated that “every company is a technology company”. We will discuss recent trends in technology adoption with a focus on frontier technologies, exemplified by a deep dive into the chemical industry.

November 29, 2022




December 13, 2022

Daniel Becker
Leitung Innovation HUB 110
INNOVATION HUB 110 der Polizei Hessen

INNOVATION HUB 110 – Rethinking public safety and security

Digitization and globalization impose unrivaled challenges on policing, pertaining every branch from patrolling the streets to combatting new and advanced crime phenomena. Therefore, state-of-the-art police work must constantly evolve and adapt while still securing reliability and compliance in a tightly regulated environment. The presentation explains how INNOVATION HUB 110 implements Digital Transformation and enables Innovation in the partly ambiguous field of police work.

Our Hosts

Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller
Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller
Founding Dean & Academic
Director Executive MBA
RWTH Business School
Thomas Wendland
Thomas Wendland
Head of Unit
Technology & Innovation
IHK Aachen
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Paluch
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Paluch
Head of Group
Service and Technology Marketing
RWTH Aachen University

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The INC Invention Center supports innovators with a wide range of services. It is the first point of contact for innovators to find and get in touch with contact persons for specific technological questions. Moreover the INC Invention Center offers acceleration, education, knowledge transfer and a large cross-industrial community. They host different events, like the Technology and Innovation Summit, and also offer creative spaces for innovators to work, connect and exchange ideas.

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