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“Innovative Tuesday” is a networking format between the local economy, researchers and students in the field of innovation. On a Tuesday evening a month we welcome all those interested in innovation and innovation management at the INC Invention Center at the RWTH Aachen Campus. We are looking for exciting discussions with speakers from business and science as well as other participants from the region of Aachen on various aspects of the topic of technology and innovation management. All events will be held in English to promote the exchange even beyond the national border and involve the students of RWTH Business School.

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April 20, 2021

Frank Spikker
Royal Mosa

From “brick to mortar” to digitalization; how Mosa. Tiles. bring about innovation in a traditional industry

Innovation is close to the heart of 137 years old tile company based in Maastricht. Throughout the years, the company has transformed the building industry through innovations in sustainability and digitalization, becoming the first tiles manufacturer that reached cradle to cradle silver certification and leading the pack with its end-user-focused digital solution. However, innovation at Mosa. Tiles. does not stop there. The company is continuing its journey towards developing an even more sustainable end-user-focused solution that will create a better future for all.

Upcoming Events

May 18, 2021

Marte Kessler
Head of Forum for Open Innovation Culture

Collaborate to innovate: How to bring Open Innovation into practice.

Our global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the climate crisis are complex and require a 360-degree perspective to find fast and sustainable solutions. This input will introduce innOsci Forum for Open Innovation Culture. It will describe how innOsci supports policymakers in developing new strategies and instruments to tackle those challenges utilizing the collective brainpower of innovators and relevant stakeholders. Moreover, the talk will reflect on collaborative and open innovation concepts. It will show political strategies and frameworks to support them as well as examples of how they are executed in selected organizations and companies.

June 15, 2021

Andres G. Guilarte
Global Product Manager
Siemens Mobility GmbH

Cloud or Edge computing… What makes Industrial IoT work?

The use of operational data is becoming increasingly important for industry and many companies are already analyzing machine and plant data on industrial PCs using their own software and often compromise on security in order to get the desired “connectivity”. Although this method delivers a great deal of valuable knowledge, it’s resource-intensive, isn’t very scalable and requires frequent manual updates to ensure that everything is are always secure and up to date. We will be talking about what “Industrial IoT” really is, challenges and how can we make it a reality.

Cloud or edge? Thanks to Industrial Edge, there’s no question. You can choose whatever you need.

September 14, 2021

Natalia Fava
Global R&D and Innovation Funnel Director


October 12, 2021

Dr. Arnd Simon
Senior Director Digital Transformation and Innovation
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH


November 9, 2021

Frauke Burgdorff
City Planning Officer
City Aachen
Cooperative Strategies in Urban Developement - Aachen and Beyond
Cooperative urban development creates resilient spaces. But isn’t urban development complex enough already? Doesn’t the cooperation of the many simply create organized irresponsibility or even standstill?

As always in urban development, there is no clear answer, but there are excellent projects that demonstrate that cooperative projects can succeed. And that they need a high level of new professionalism in order to be able to succeed.

item Industrietechnik GmbH

December 7, 2021

Dr. Heiner Giese
Head of Product Management
item Industrietechnik GmbH

Boundless Digital Customer Services

How the mid-sized industrial company “item Industrietechnik” develops a digital ecosystem that connects online services without borders. From the first creative thought, users of industrial building kits are supported digitally to fully realize their ideas.

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Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller
Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller
Founding Dean & Academic
Director Executive MBA
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Thomas Wendland
Thomas Wendland
Head of Unit
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IHK Aachen
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Paluch
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Paluch
Head of Group
Service and Technology Marketing
RWTH Aachen University

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