Past Events

innosabi GmbH

Catharina van Delden | Managing Director
March 2021

Fostering a Culture of Agile Innovation

We strongly believe that Agile Innovation is not only a means of increasing the innovative output of a company. Rather, it promises to transform entire corporations and the way they interact with their environment. To make fully use of this new approach and to successfully tap into the many possibilities an innovation ecosystem can offer, several requirements have to be met right from the start of an initiative.

In this talk you will learn how corporate culture strongly determines a stakeholder’s ability to play an active part in innovation activities, which factors are vital for framing a new culture and how they help to gain more overall speed and agility, and what has to be done to unite and orchestrate all stakeholders in an ecosystem that helps to pursue great innovations.

Drees & Sommer SE

Klaus Dederichs | Partner and Head of ICT
February 2021

Digitalization and artificial intelligence revolutionize the real estate industry

Klaus Dederichs will address the new challenges in the real estate industry due to digitalization. His knowledge is based on numerous professional successes. As Head of ICT – Information and Communication Technology and Partner at Drees & Sommer SE, Klaus Dederichs is responsible, among other things, for the topics of digitalization, business transformation and the so-called Industry 4.0, and Data Center.

Institute for Technology and Innovation Management

Prof. Frank Piller | Christian Gülpen
January 2021

Organizational Resilience for Innovation and Growth:A Management Framework

Organizational Resilience has evolved as one of the core performance drivers in 2020. While conceptually an old idea, many companies still struggle a lot to prepare for, adapt to, and learn from changes in their environment. In most recent times, digitalization and AI/ML offer new opportunities to manage resilience strategically.

Making maximum use of these, however, requires a holistic management approach in addition to technological capability. Based on our latest research, we present in our talk a framework of three different levels of creating a resilient AND innovative organization – and illustrate it with different case studies from various organizations.

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Covestro idea.lab

Rebecca Heil | Innovation Excellence
December 2020

Physical and Digital Innovation Spaces at Covestro

Innovation at Covestro is not limited to the R&D facilities. They want to unleash the full creative potential of their diverse global workforce, in every work area and across all levels of responsibility.

For that purpose, they have initiated several platforms and event formats that give all colleagues the opportunity to come up with innovative ideas, exchange their views on them, and work together on their realization. The presentation shared insights on the way Covestro is using digital and physical collaboration spaces to foster innovation within the company.

RWTH Innovation Factory GmbH

Dr. Casimir Ortlieb | Executive Board Member
November 2020

What defines the right ecosystem for disruptive innovations?

Zehetner Patentanwälte

Gabriele Mohsler | VP Patent Development
Dr. Andrea Zehetner | Founder
October 2020

How to protect Innovation –
Active commercialization or keeping as trade secret?

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Kreativ- und Eventagentur

Patricia Yasmine Graf | Managing Director
September 2020

Zukunft total - Only the brave

WhatAVenture GmbH

Franziska Korn | Partner Germany
August 2020

Minimum Viable Company:
The path from prototype to profitable company


Markus Wellensiek | Managing Director
June 2020

How to innovate in a highly regulated market

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Dr. Arnd Helmetag | Solutions Development
May 2020

Innovation in Flight Training

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Monokel Consulting

Daniel Herrmann
April 2020

Mutants or superheroes –
what happens when you cross cellar kids and business clowns?

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Adrian Weller | CEO
February 2020

Digital Decision Making

Startup Spirit

Rob Aalders
January 2020

Why Lean Startup can make or brake your enterprise?


Martin Ruppert | Managing Director
Marius Müller | Consultant
December 2019

Value Innovation

Saint-Gobain Research Germany

Karl-Josef Ollfisch | Director
November 2019

Innovation in a 354-year-old French company

Innovation ARchitecT

Dr. Dorothea Ernst
October 2019

BITs for Blossom


Dr. Thorsten Harzer | Head of Digital Accelerator
July 2019

Next generation sales @QIAGEN:
Creating an experience beyond Amazon

Philips Personal Health

Dr. Maarten van den Boogaard | Open Innovation Leader
May 2019

How Philips is utilizing open ecosystems for innovation


Dr. Yves Hagedorn | Managing Director
April 2019

Innovation Management in 3D printing:
How to leverage completely new ideas towards commonly accepted solutions?

oculavis GmbH

Martin Plutz | Managing Director
March 2019

Augmented Reality. Hype or Hope?

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DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Dr. Simon Becker | Head of Development Vehicle Manufacturing
February 2019

Digital Factory & Connected Vehicle:
Leveraging new technologies for a flexible vehicle production

MedCom International GmbH

Frank Leyhausen | CEO
January 2019

Silver Innovation, or:
Don't fear the walking dead -
Innovation for the fastest growing and most misunderstood consumer market segment

Institute for Technology and Innovation Management

Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller | Head of Group
November 2018

Innovation 4.0:
What will be Trends and Developments in Innovation Management in 2019?


Dr. Achim Kless | Scientific Director
October 2018

Implementation strategies for open innovation in pharmaceutical industry

e.go Digital

Dr. Michael Riesener | CEO
July 2018

Development of digital services in the e-mobility ecosystem